What Should a Product Design Portfolio Include?

A product design portfolio is an essential tool for any product designer looking to make a name for themselves in the industry. It allows potential employers or clients to get a feel for the designer’s style, skillset, and overall design capabilities.

It can also be used to showcase a designer’s past projects and demonstrate their ability to tackle complex problems. Crafting a great portfolio is essential for any product designer looking to stand out from the competition.

A product design portfolio should include several different elements in order to give viewers an accurate representation of the designer’s talents. The first element should be an introductory section that provides the viewer with a brief overview of the designer’s background and experience.

This should include education, certifications, past projects, awards, and any other relevant information. This is important as it helps give viewers an idea of what kind of work experience they will be getting with this particular designer.

The next element should be examples of previous work. This is where designers can really show off their skills by providing detailed visuals and descriptions of the projects they have worked on in the past. These examples should be clearly labeled with details about the project such as its purpose, scope, and timeline.

There should also be screenshots or images showing off what was created during each project.

The third element should be a section devoted to process examples. This section should showcase how each project was approached from conception all the way through completion and how different tasks were managed along the way. This will help employers or clients understand how well organized and thorough each project was handled.

Finally, designers may want to include some testimonials from past employers or clients so that potential employers can get an idea of how others have interacted with them in terms of their design projects. Testimonials should provide details about how responsive they were to feedback, their willingness to go above and beyond expectations, or even just praise for great work.


Creating a great product design portfolio is essential for any aspiring designer looking to stand out from the competition. It should include an introduction about the designer’s background and experience; examples of previous work; process examples; and testimonials from past employers or clients. With these elements included in a product design portfolio, designers can give potential employers or clients an accurate representation of their capabilities.