What Should a Graphic Design Portfolio Have?

A Graphic Design portfolio is an essential tool for any designer. It showcases a designer’s work and allows potential employers and clients to assess their skills and experience. It can also be used to demonstrate a designer’s creative vision, technical abilities, and sense of style.

Creating a portfolio is no easy task, as it requires designers to think carefully about what kind of work should be included in it. Different types of portfolios may have different requirements, but there are some common elements that should be found in a graphic design portfolio.

Style: A good graphic design portfolio should reflect the designer’s individual style and aesthetic. It should showcase their unique vision and creative ideas, demonstrating how the designer approaches design challenges. This could include typography, colour palette choices, layout designs, or any other elements that make up the look and feel of the designs featured in the portfolio.

Variety: A well-rounded graphic design portfolio should include a variety of different types of work in order to demonstrate a broad range of skills. This could include printed materials such as brochures or magazines, website designs, logos or branding projects, app interfaces or any other type of digital media.

Clarity: It’s important for designers to clearly explain the process behind each piece featured in their portfolio. This will help potential employers and clients understand how they arrived at their final product. It could include details on the research conducted prior to beginning the project, sketches or mock-ups created during the development process, decisions made along the way that shaped the outcome of the project.

Organization: Designers should take care when organizing their portfolios to ensure that relevant information can easily be found by viewers. This could mean categorizing projects by type (such as web design vs print design) or having an organized structure with section titles that clearly communicate which type of project is being showcased.


A good graphic design portfolio is one that reflects an individual’s unique style and aesthetic while also showcasing their technical abilities and range of skills through a variety of projects. It should be clear about each project’s development process and organized for easy navigation by viewers.