What Setting Do You Use for Glitter Iron on Cricut?

Glitter iron-on is a great way to add sparkle to any project. With Cricut, you can easily use glitter iron-on to create beautiful designs and projects.

The key to success with glitter iron-on is setting the iron correctly so that the material will adhere properly.

The first step in setting your iron for glitter iron-on is selecting the correct temperature. Glitter iron-on requires a higher temperature, usually between 315°F and 320°F (or 157°C to 160°C).

It’s important not to exceed these temperatures as doing so could damage the material.

When setting the temperature of your iron, it’s also important to consider what type of base material you’re using. Different fabrics require different temperatures, so make sure you check the instructions on your base material before setting the temperature of your iron.

Once you have selected the correct temperature setting for your project, it’s time to turn on your iron and begin creating! Make sure that you preheat your iron for at least five minutes before starting. This will help ensure that when you press down with your Cricut EasyPress or traditional householdiron, it will adhere properly.

Ironing On Glitter Iron On

When pressing glitter iron-on, make sure that you press firmly with even pressure for 10-15 seconds. If using an EasyPress or householdiron, be sure to move in a circular motion when pressing down on the material as this will help ensure full adhesion.

After pressing down on the glitter iron-on material, let it cool completely before peeling away the carrier sheet or liner from your project. If done correctly, your design should be securely adhered and ready for use!


To get perfect results when applying glitter iron-on with Cricut machines and tools, it’s importantto set the correct temperature (usually between 315°F and 320°F) and preheatyourironforat least five minutes before beginning. Once preheated, make sure topress firmly with even pressure for 10-15 seconds while moving in a circularmotion before letting it cool completely before peeling awaythe carrier sheet or liner.