What Pens Work With Cricut?

Cricut is a very popular die-cutting machine that has become a must-have for crafters, scrapbookers, and other creative hobbyists. With Cricut, you can create intricate designs, shapes, and text in just minutes. But what pens work with Cricut?

The answer depends on the type of Cricut machine you have.

If you own a Cricut Explore or Maker machine, then you can use any of the pens that are specifically made to work with these machines. This includes pens from Cricut’s own brand as well as certain off-brand pens. All of these pens have a special tip that allows them to be used with these types of machines.

If you have an older model of the Cricut machine, such as the Expression or Expression 2, then you won’t be able to use any pen specifically made for the newer models. However, you can still use a variety of different writing instruments with your machine. These include felt tip markers and gel pens.

It’s important to note that when using any pen with your Cricut machine, it’s best to use a pen that has a fine tip so that it doesn’t clog up your machine or leave behind smudges or streaks on your project.

In conclusion, which pens work with your Cricut depends on the type of machine you have. For newer models like the Explore and Maker machines, any pen specifically made for those machines will work.

For older models like the Expression and Expression 2 machines, felt tip markers and gel pens will do the trick. Just make sure to use a pen with a fine tip!