What Notes Are in Versace Yellow Diamond?

If you are a perfume enthusiast, you must have heard about Versace Yellow Diamond. It is a fragrance that has been popular among women since its launch in 2011.

The scent is refreshing and feminine, making it an ideal choice for those who love citrusy and floral fragrances. But have you ever wondered what notes are in Versace Yellow Diamond? In this article, we will explore the different components that make up this stunning fragrance.

Top Notes

The top notes of a perfume are the first scents that you smell when you spray it on your skin. They are usually light and fresh and evaporate quickly.

The top notes in Versace Yellow Diamond include Lemon, Pear Sorbet, and Bergamot. These notes give the fragrance a zesty and fruity aroma that is perfect for warm weather.

Heart Notes

The heart notes are the main body of a perfume’s scent. They usually last longer than the top notes and add depth to the fragrance.

The heart notes in Versace Yellow Diamond include Freesia, Mimosa, Orange Blossom, and Water Lily. These floral scents give the fragrance a delicate yet bold character.

Base Notes

The base notes of a perfume are the scents that last the longest on your skin. They are usually warm and deep and give a fragrance its staying power.

The base notes in Versace Yellow Diamond include Amber Wood, Musk, and Guaiac Wood. These rich scents add warmth to the fragrance and make it perfect for evening wear.

The Overall Fragrance

When all these components come together, they create an unforgettable fragrance that is perfect for any occasion. The lemony top notes provide a burst of freshness while the floral heart gives it an air of sophistication. The warm base notes tie everything together to create an alluring scent that will make you feel confident and beautiful.


Versace Yellow Diamond is a fragrance that every woman should have in her collection. Its refreshing citrusy top notes, delicate floral heart, and warm base notes make it perfect for any occasion. Now that you know what notes are in Versace Yellow Diamond, you can appreciate the complexity of this stunning fragrance even more.