What Materials Can Cricut Maker Cut?

The Cricut Maker is one of the most versatile and powerful die-cutting machines on the market. It can be used to create a wide variety of intricate, detailed projects from paper and fabric to leather and even metal. With this machine, you can create beautiful projects that are perfect for scrapbooking, home décor, fashion accessories, and much more.

The Cricut Maker is capable of cutting more than just paper. It can cut a variety of materials including cardstock, vinyl, iron-on, felt, foam core board, balsa wood, chipboard, leather and denim fabrics.

The Cricut Maker also has a rotary blade that can cut fabrics with delicate details such as lace and quilting patterns. You can also use pens and markers with the Cricut Maker to draw or write on your project materials.

In addition to cutting various materials with the Cricut Maker, it is also capable of scoring paper for folding projects like cards or boxes. It is also able to engrave wood and other materials using its engraving tool.

The versatility of the Cricut Maker allows you to create a range of custom projects from cards to home décor items without having to invest in multiple machines.

The Cricut Maker comes with its own software that allows you to design your own projects or use pre-made designs from Cricut Design Space. You will be able to customize your project using different shapes, fonts and images.

Overall, the Cricut Maker is an incredibly versatile machine that can be used for a wide range of creative projects. It’s capable of cutting various materials as well as scoring paper for folding projects.

You can even use it with pens or markers for writing or drawing on your project materials. With its easy-to-use software and its ability to cut intricate shapes and patterns with precision, the possibilities are endless!


The Cricut Maker is an amazing tool that can be used to cut various materials such as cardstock, vinyl, iron-on fabric, felt foam core board, balsa wood chipboard , leather and denim fabrics as well as score paper for folding projects. It also has an engraving tool that can be used on wood or other materials.

With its easy-to-use software and ability to cut intricate shapes and patterns with precision – What Materials Can Cricut Maker Cut? The answer – almost anything you need!