What Material Do You Use to Make a Stencil With Cricut?

Making your own stencils with a Cricut machine is an easy and fun way to create custom designs for your projects. Cricut machines are incredibly versatile, allowing you to cut a variety of materials with precision and accuracy.

The only limitation is the type of material that can be used.

The most common materials used for making stencils with a Cricut are vinyl, cardstock, and heat transfer vinyl. Vinyl is the most popular choice as it is easy to work with and relatively inexpensive.

It comes in various thicknesses and colors, allowing for customized designs. Cardstock is also a good choice as it is lightweight and can be easily manipulated into intricate shapes. Heat transfer vinyl is more expensive but provides more durability than other materials, making it ideal for outdoor use.

When working with these materials, it’s important to use the appropriate cutting mat for your project. For vinyl, use an adhesive cutting mat that will hold the material in place while you’re cutting; for cardstock or heat transfer vinyl, use a pressing mat to prevent any warping or distortion.

Creating Stencils With Cricut

Once you have chosen your material and prepared your cutting mat, it’s time to get started on creating your design. Before beginning the actual cutting process, upload your design into the Design Space software provided by Cricut – this will allow you to adjust size and shape of the stencil before committing to the final version.

Once you have finished designing your stencil in Design Space, select “Cut” from the menu and follow the onscreen instructions for loading your material onto the cutting mat.

Make sure that you have selected “Stencil” from the material type menu when prompted.

Once loaded onto the machine, select “Go” from Design Space – this will begin the cutting process – then wait until prompted to unload once finished.


Making stencils with a Cricut machine can be done using various materials such as vinyl, cardstock or heat transfer vinyl depending on what type of project you are doing. Additionally, preparing a suitable cutting mat or pressing mat prior to cutting will help ensure accuracy while creating intricate designs using Design Space software provided by Cricut itself.