What Material Can You Use Cricut Infusible Ink On?

Cricut Infusible Ink is a revolutionary new product that provides users with an easy, efficient way to customize their projects. Using this ink, you can transfer vibrant, professional-looking designs onto a variety of materials including paper, fabric, and glass. In this article, we’ll discuss the different materials that you can use Cricut Infusible Ink on.

Paper – Cricut Infusible Ink is perfect for creating custom paper projects like banners or signs. The ink transfers easily onto cardstock and other paper surfaces with a professional-looking finish that won’t fade or smudge.

Fabric – This ink is also great for adding designs to fabric items like t-shirts, bags, and other apparel. The ink bonds to the fabric fibers for a long-lasting design that won’t crack or peel over time.

Glass – Cricut Infusible Ink works well on glass surfaces as well. You can create custom mugs and glasses with permanent graphics that won’t wash away when used in the dishwasher.

Wood – This ink can also be used to add designs to wood surfaces. Whether you want to create a custom sign or simply add some decorative touches to your furniture, Cricut Infusible Ink makes it easy.

Metal – Lastly, you can use this ink on metal surfaces as well. It’s perfect for creating custom jewelry pieces or adding graphics to metal containers and boxes.

As you can see, Cricut Infusible Ink is an incredibly versatile product that allows you to customize just about any surface imaginable. From paper and fabric projects to glassware and metal items, this ink can do it all!

: With Cricut Infusible Ink, you can add vibrant designs and graphics onto an array of materials including paper, fabric, glass, wood and metal. This makes it an extremely versatile product for all your customization needs!