What Makes Good Landscape Design?

Good landscape design is the art of creating attractive outdoor spaces that are both visually pleasing and functional. It involves a combination of elements such as plants, hardscapes, lighting, and structures. It is important for landscape designers to take into consideration the environment and the people who will be using the space when designing a landscape.


Aesthetics play an important role in good landscape design. The design should be pleasing to look at, with an appropriate combination of colors and textures. A successful design should also take into account the surrounding environment, including existing trees and plants, as well as any other features that might affect how the space looks.


Functionality is also key in good landscape design. The purpose of any given space should be taken into account when designing it so that it serves its intended purpose.

For example, a garden space should include pathways that are easy to navigate and seating areas for people to relax in comfort. Other considerations may include creating privacy screens or building retaining walls for erosion control.


Plants can provide beauty and shade to an outdoor area, as well as providing food for wildlife and adding oxygen to the air. When selecting plants for a landscape design, it is important to consider their size at maturity, as well as their light requirements and preferred soil type. Native plants should be used whenever possible to help maintain biodiversity in an area.


Hardscapes are any man-made features in a landscape such as pavers, walls, fencing, decks, or even water features like ponds or fountains. These features can add visual interest to a space while also providing functional uses such as additional seating or privacy screens.

Hardscapes are generally more expensive than plants but can provide more permanence in terms of durability and longevity of use.


Good landscape design takes into account aesthetics, functionality, plants and hardscapes when creating attractive outdoor spaces that serve their intended purpose while also being visually appealing and enjoyable to use by people who visit them. The key components of good landscape design should all work together harmoniously to create beautiful outdoor spaces that are both sustainable and enjoyable for years to come!