What Makes a Great Product Design Manager?

Product design managers are the individuals who are responsible for the interface and user experience of a product. They are responsible for overseeing the design process from concept to launch, and ensuring that a cohesive design is achieved throughout. With this in mind, what makes a great product design manager?

A Strong Understanding of Design Principles and Technologies

A great product design manager should have a deep understanding of both the principles of design as well as the technologies used to create a product. This includes an understanding of user interface principles, usability, typography, color theory, animation and motion design, responsive web design and user experience best practices. In addition to having an understanding of these principles and technologies, they must also be able to effectively communicate their ideas to designers and developers.

Leadership Skills

Good leadership skills are essential for any product design manager. They must be able to motivate their team members while also delegating tasks appropriately.

Great communication skills are also key—they must be able to articulate their vision clearly while being open to feedback from all involved parties. Additionally, they should have strong conflict resolution skills in order to ensure that any disagreements or misunderstandings don’t derail progress.

Problem-Solving Ability

Product Design Managers need to be able to think on their feet in order to handle any unexpected problems that arise during the development process. They must be able to quickly identify potential problems before they become major issues and come up with creative solutions that move the project forward.

Attention To Detail

Design Managers need an eye for detail as small changes can have big impacts on the overall user experience. They need to pay attention not just to aesthetic elements but also functionality—ensuring that all features work as expected and that there aren’t any hidden usability or accessibility issues.


A great Product Design Manager needs a strong understanding of design principles and technologies, effective leadership skills, problem-solving ability, and attention to detail in order for them to successfully manage the entire product development process from start to finish.