What Kind of Vinyl Do You Use to Make Shirts With Cricut?

Making shirts with a Cricut machine is a great way to customize and create your own designs. With the right vinyl, you can make anything from fun, one-of-a-kind t-shirts to stylish accessories. But what kind of vinyl should you use for this project?

The best vinyl to use when making shirts with a Cricut machine is often heat transfer vinyl (HTV). This type of vinyl is made from a durable polyurethane material that can be cut into any design, then heat pressed onto fabric. When using HTV, you will need an iron or heat press to adhere the design onto the shirt; however, it’s worth it for its excellent quality and durability. HTV also has a wide range of colors and finishes, so you can get creative with your designs.

Adhesive Vinyl

Adhesive vinyl is another option for making shirts with a Cricut machine, but it’s not as durable or versatile as HTV. Adhesive vinyl has an adhesive backing that allows it to stick directly onto fabric without needing an iron or heat press. While adhesive vinyl is easier to apply than HTV, its durability isn’t as great; over time, the design may start to peel off or fade. Additionally, adhesive vinyl isn’t available in as many colors and finishes as HTV.


For best results when making shirts with a Cricut machine, choose heat transfer vinyl (HTV). It offers excellent quality and durability, plus a wide range of colors and finishes for customizing your design. Adhesive vinyl can also be used for this project but will not last as long or be available in as many colors.