What Kind of Vinyl Do I Need to Make Decals With My Cricut?

If you’ve recently purchased a Cricut machine, you may be wondering what kind of vinyl you need to make decals with it. The answer is that it depends on the project and the type of vinyl. Vinyl comes in a variety of types, including permanent adhesive and removable adhesive, as well as specialty types like metallic and glitter.

Permanent adhesive vinyl is the most common type used for decals and is usually used for outdoor projects. This type of vinyl is designed to stick long-term and be waterproof and weather-resistant. Permanent adhesive vinyl can be applied to any smooth surface such as car windows, walls, or even mugs.

Removable adhesive vinyl is ideal for temporary projects like wall decorations or seasonal decorations. This type of vinyl can be removed without damaging the surface it’s applied to. It’s also great for surfaces that you don’t want to permanently damage with permanent adhesive vinyl.

Specialty vinyl like metallic or glitter are great for unique projects like custom tumblers or signs. Metallic vinyl can give your project a metallic sheen while glitter adds an eye-catching sparkle to any project.

Heat transfer vinyl, also known as HTV, is designed specifically for fabric projects such as t-shirts or bags. HTV has a glossy finish after being ironed onto fabric which makes it look professionally printed.

No matter what type of project you’re working on, there’s a type of vinyl that will work best with your Cricut machine. Different types of vinyl have different properties so make sure you choose the right one for your project.


What kind of Vinyl do I need to make decals with my Cricut?
With so many different types of Vinyl available, the answer depends on the specific project you are working on. For outdoor projects, Permanent Adhesive Vinyl will work best; whereas Removable Adhesive Vinyl should be used for temporary decorations. Specialty Vinyl such as Metallic or Glitter can add an eye-catching touch to your decal designs; and Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) should be used for fabric projects such as t-shirts or bags.