What Kind of Protection Does an Industrial Design Right Offer?

Industrial Design Rights offer protection for the visual appearance of a product. This includes the shape, configuration and ornamentation of a product, as well as its surface pattern and color.

Industrial Design Rights are useful in protecting the aesthetic features of a product that contribute to its commercial success.

Industrial Design Rights can be obtained through registration in an appropriate jurisdiction. Registration involves submitting an application to the relevant authority, including drawings or photographs that illustrate the design and demonstrate its novelty. Once granted, these rights can provide exclusive protection over the use of a particular design for up to 25 years, depending on which jurisdiction has granted them.

This protection is particularly important for companies involved in manufacturing or selling products with unique designs. Without Industrial Design Rights, other parties could copy their designs and produce competing products without having to bear any of the costs associated with creating them.

Industrial Design Rights also help protect businesses from counterfeiting and other forms of infringement. By registering their designs, businesses can demonstrate that they have taken steps to protect their intellectual property rights and are able to take legal action against those who infringe on them.

In addition to providing legal protection for businesses, Industrial Design Rights also help promote innovation. Companies that have registered their designs have an incentive to continue innovating and producing new products with unique features, as they know that they will receive exclusive rights over their creations.


Industrial Design Rights offer valuable legal protection for businesses by providing exclusive rights over their unique designs.

These rights help protect businesses from counterfeiting and other forms of infringement while also promoting innovation. For these reasons, obtaining Industrial Design Rights is important for any company involved in manufacturing or selling products with unique features.