What Jobs Can I Do With Graphic Design Degree?

A Graphic Design Degree can open up numerous doors to a variety of creative and lucrative jobs. From designing logos, websites, and print materials to creating user interfaces, motion graphics, and video content, a degree in Graphic Design can help you pursue a career in the field of your choice.

The first thing to consider when deciding which job to pursue is what type of graphic design you want to do. Do you want to specialize in web design or focus on creating logos for businesses?

Are you more interested in animation or illustration? Maybe you prefer creating print materials such as brochures or infographics? Once you decide what type of design you are passionate about, it will be easier to narrow down your job prospects.

If you want to work as a freelance designer, there are several options available. You could offer services such as logo design, website design, motion graphics creation, video production, or even illustration services.

You will need a strong portfolio of your work in order to land clients. Other avenues for freelance graphic designers include working with advertising agencies or other creative firms.

If you are looking for a full-time position with an established company or organization, there are many opportunities available. A few popular roles include UI/UX designer (user interface and user experience), art director (creative director), web designer (creating websites and web applications), motion graphics artist (animation and special effects) software developer (creating apps), and visual communicator (graphic artist).


A Graphic Design Degree provides individuals with the knowledge and skills needed for many different types of jobs in this field. Freelance designers can find work designing logos, websites, motion graphics, videos, illustrations and more. Those who desire a full-time position can pursue roles such as UI/UX designer, art director, web designer, motion graphics artist software developer or visual communicator.