What Is the Versace Chain Print Called?

Versace, the Italian luxury fashion brand known for its bold prints and statement pieces, has been a fashion icon since the 1980s. One of their most recognizable prints is the chain print, which has become a signature of the brand.

But what is this print called and how did it come about? Let’s take a closer look.

The History of the Versace Chain Print

The chain print was first introduced by Gianni Versace, the founder of Versace, in 1981. The print was inspired by the classic Greek motif of Medusa’s head, which became an iconic symbol for the brand. The chain print quickly became a staple in Versace’s collections and has been used in various forms ever since.

What Is It Called?

The Versace chain print is also known as the “Greek Key” or “Meander” pattern. This name comes from the ancient Greek fret design that features continuous lines that repeat in a series of right angles. The pattern is said to represent infinity and unity, making it a fitting choice for Versace’s bold and luxurious designs.

How Is It Used?

The Versace chain print has been used in various ways throughout the years. It has appeared on everything from clothing to accessories to home decor.

One of its most famous uses was in the dress worn by Elizabeth Hurley to the premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral in 1994. The black dress featured gold safety pins holding it together and was emblazoned with the iconic chain print.


The chain print has been used on everything from dresses to jackets to pants. It is often paired with other bold prints or bright colors to create a statement look. The pattern can be seen in both large and small sizes, depending on how bold you want your outfit to be.


The chain print has also been used on a variety of accessories, including bags, shoes, and belts. These pieces are a great way to add a touch of Versace to your outfit without going all-out. The print can be seen in subtle ways, such as on the buckle of a belt or the lining of a bag.

Home Decor

Versace’s chain print has even made its way into home decor. The pattern has been used on everything from wallpaper to bedding to furniture. If you’re looking to add some luxury to your home, consider incorporating the chain print into your decor.


The Versace chain print is an iconic symbol of the brand’s bold and luxurious style. Its history and name are rooted in ancient Greek design, making it a fitting choice for Versace’s designs that represent infinity and unity. Whether you’re wearing it or using it in your home decor, the chain print is sure to make a statement.