What Is the Smell of Versace Eros Flame?

If you are a fragrance enthusiast, then you must have heard about Versace Eros Flame. It is the latest addition to the Versace Eros line and has gained immense popularity since its release. One of the critical aspects of any perfume is its smell, and in this article, we will explore what the scent of Versace Eros Flame is like.

The Overview

Versace Eros Flame is a warm and spicy fragrance that was launched in 2018. It was created by Olivier Pescheux, who has also worked on other popular fragrances like Dior Homme and Paco Rabanne 1 Million. The scent was designed to capture the essence of passion and love, which is symbolized by the flame in its name.

The Notes

The smell of Versace Eros Flame can be broken down into three main notes: top notes, heart notes, and base notes.

  • Top Notes: The top notes are the scents that you’ll experience when you first spray the perfume. In Versace Eros Flame, they include lemon, mandarin orange, and black pepper. These notes provide an initial burst of freshness and spiciness.
  • Heart Notes: After the top notes fade away, you’ll start to notice the heart notes. In this fragrance, they include rosemary, geranium, pepperwood (also known as Guaiac wood), and rose.

    These scents add warmth to the perfume while still keeping it fresh.

  • Base Notes: Finally, there are the base notes that linger on your skin long after you’ve applied the fragrance. In Versace Eros Flame, these include tonka bean, vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli and oakmoss. These notes give the perfume its depth and richness, making it perfect for the cooler months.

The Scent

When you combine all of these different scents, you get a fragrance that is warm, spicy, and slightly sweet. The lemon and mandarin orange provide a burst of freshness, while the black pepper and rosemary add spiciness.

The heart notes keep the scent warm with hints of woodiness and floral notes. Finally, the base notes offer a rich sweetness that lingers on your skin.

Overall, Versace Eros Flame is an excellent scent for those who enjoy warm and spicy fragrances. It’s perfect for the fall and winter months when you’re looking for something that will keep you feeling cozy all day long. While it’s a masculine scent that is marketed towards men, women can also wear it if they enjoy warm fragrances.

In conclusion, Versace Eros Flame has a unique smell that is both fresh and spicy at the same time. With its complex blend of scents, it offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a signature scent or just want to switch things up, this perfume is definitely worth trying out!