What Is the Silhouette Challenge Song?

The Silhouette Challenge is an internet dance challenge that is taking the internet by storm. It involves people dancing in front of a pink background while the song “Doja Cat – Say So (Lido Remix)” plays in the background. The challenge was created by a user on TikTok and quickly went viral, with many people creating their own versions of the challenge.

The song used for the Silhouette Challenge is an upbeat remix of Doja Cat’s hit single “Say So”. Produced by Lido, the remix takes the original track and adds a more electronic feel to it, with added drums and synthesizers. The song features Doja Cat singing her infectious chorus, which is perfect for the challenge as it encourages people to get up and dance.

The Silhouette Challenge has become incredibly popular, with people sharing their own versions of the challenge on social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

It has also spawned a variety of meme formats that people have used to parody or poke fun at the challenge.

The popularity of the Silhouette Challenge has been credited to its easy accessibility; it requires no special equipment or skills to create your own version. All you need is a pink wall or sheet of paper, some music, and your own creative flair! As such, anyone can take part in this fun online trend.


What is the Silhouette Challenge Song? The song used for this popular online trend is Doja Cat’s “Say So (Lido Remix)” which has been produced by Lido and features Doja Cat singing her catchy chorus. This upbeat track provides an exciting backdrop for people to show off their best moves while taking part in this trend.