What Is the Largest Size Chanel Flap Bag?

Chanel is a brand that needs no introduction. It’s one of the most popular brands in the fashion industry, and its products are known for their elegance, class, and sophistication.

One of the most popular products from Chanel is its iconic Flap Bag – a sleek and stylish handbag that’s perfect for any occasion. If you’re a fan of Chanel and its Flap Bags, you might be wondering what the largest size of this bag is. In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about the largest size Chanel Flap Bag.


The Chanel Flap Bag is a timeless classic that has been around since 1955. This iconic bag has been reinvented time and time again, but its signature features remain the same – a quilted leather exterior, interlocking CC logo, and a chain strap. The bag comes in various sizes – mini, small, medium/large, jumbo, and maxi.

The Largest Size Chanel Flap Bag

The largest size Chanel Flap Bag is the Maxi size. This bag measures 13″ x 9″ x 4″, making it the perfect size for those who need to carry more than just essentials. The Maxi size can fit a tablet or small laptop along with other daily essentials like a wallet, phone, keys, and makeup.


The Maxi size Chanel Flap Bag has all the classic features of a Flap Bag but on a larger scale. The bag’s exterior is made of quilted lambskin or caviar leather and features an interlocking CC logo on the front flap. The bag’s chain strap can be worn as a single or double strap for versatility.


The Maxi size Chanel Flap Bag comes in various colors to suit different preferences. Some of the most popular colors include black, beige, navy blue, and red. However, Chanel also releases limited edition colors each season, which adds to the bag’s exclusivity.


The Maxi size Chanel Flap Bag is a luxury item that comes with a hefty price tag. The bag’s price varies depending on the material used and the current market demand. As of 2021, the Maxi size Chanel Flap Bag in lambskin leather retails for $8,200 USD, while the caviar leather version retails for $7,800 USD.


If you’re a fan of Chanel and its iconic Flap Bag, the Maxi size is perfect for you if you need to carry more than just essentials. With its classic design, various color options, and premium materials, this bag is worth the investment for any fashion enthusiast.