What Is the Difference Between the Cricut Makers?

The Cricut Maker and the older Cricut Explore machines have been used for a variety of craft projects since their introduction. Both are well-regarded for their precision, accuracy, and ease of use. However, there are some key differences between the two that can make one more suitable than the other for certain projects.

Cutting Power – The Cricut Maker has more cutting power than the Cricut Explore. The Maker can cut through tougher materials like balsa wood and thick chipboard, while the Explore is limited to softer materials such as cardstock and vinyl. The Maker also has a special rotary blade that allows it to make precise cuts on fabric without having to use a stabilizer or backing material.

Design Software – One of the biggest differences between the two machines is in their design software.

The Cricut Maker uses Design Space, which is a cloud-based software with a wide variety of design options. It also has access to an online marketplace where you can purchase images and fonts that are pre-made or customizable. The Cricut Explore uses its own software called Design Studio, which is much more limited in terms of customization options but still offers plenty of design choices.

Speed – Another difference between the two machines is in their cutting speed. The Cricut Maker is much faster than the Explore, making it ideal for larger projects or those that require intricate cuts and designs. It can cut up to three times faster than the Explore, allowing you to complete your project in less time.

Price – Finally, there is a difference in price between the two models. The Cricut Maker is generally more expensive than the Explore due to its increased power and capabilities. However, it may be worth investing in if you plan on doing large or complex projects.


The Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore machines both offer great capabilities when it comes to creating craft projects with precision and accuracy. However, they do have some key differences such as cutting power, design software, speed, and price which should be taken into consideration when deciding which machine would be best suited for your project needs.