What Is the Difference Between Cricut Scoring Stylus and Scoring Wheel?

The technology of crafting is a constantly evolving one, and Cricut has played a major role in this evolution. The Cricut Maker and Explore range of machines have created a revolution in the crafting industry thanks to their ability to provide precise cutting, scoring and writing capabilities. Two tools that are essential for a successful crafter are the Cricut Scoring Stylus and the Scoring Wheel. Let’s take a look at these two tools and discuss what sets them apart.

Cricut Scoring Stylus

The Cricut Scoring Stylus is an essential tool for creating 3D projects such as boxes, cards, envelopes, etc. It works by making indentations into the surface of the material being worked on.

This allows for easy folding of materials along these lines to create 3D objects. The stylus is designed with an ergonomic grip which makes it comfortable to use even when working on long projects.

Cricut Scoring Wheel

The Cricut Scoring Wheel is ideal for making small creases or folds in paper or cardstock materials such as cards and scrapbooking projects. It works by making v-shaped indentations that can easily be folded into perfect crisp folds with no tearing or fraying of materials. The wheel has an adjustable depth setting which allows you to customize your crease according to your project needs.

Difference between Cricut Scoring Stylus and Scoring Wheel:

The main difference between the two tools is their purpose: The Cricut Scoring Stylus is designed specifically for creating 3D projects while the scoring wheel is designed for making precise folding lines on paper or cardstock materials.

Conclusion: The Cricut Scoring Stylus and the scoring wheel both have their own unique purposes which make them invaluable tools when it comes to crafting with your Cricut machine. However, it’s important to understand their differences so that you can choose the right tool for each project.