What Is the Difference Between Cricut Explore Air and Explore AIR 2?

Cricut Explore Air and Cricut Explore Air 2 are two popular cutting machines used by crafters and makers alike. Both machines have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to consider what each machine has to offer before making a purchase.

The Cricut Explore Air is the original model of the machine, and it has some great features. It can cut through a wide variety of materials including vinyl, cardstock, paper, fabric, and more. It is also compatible with Cricut’s extensive library of design software, so you can easily create intricate designs for your projects. The machine also includes a dual-carriage system that allows you to cut and write or draw at the same time – something not many other cutting machines offer.

The Cricut Explore Air 2 is the updated version of the machine. It has all the same features as its predecessor but with some added benefits. It has a faster cutting speed than the first model, so it can get through projects more quickly. The Explore Air 2 also has Bluetooth capability so you can connect it to your computer wirelessly for even easier use. It also comes with a stronger motor that is able to handle thicker materials than before.

When deciding between these two machines, one should consider their own needs and preferences when choosing which one is right for them. If you’re looking for more power or faster speeds then the Explore Air 2 might be the better option; however if you’re looking for compatibility with more materials or don’t need extra speed then the original Explore Air could be just what you need.


In conclusion, there are differences between Cricut Explore Air and Explore AIR 2 that should be considered depending on your needs when deciding which one is right for you. While both machines offer great features for crafters and makers alike, it ultimately comes down to personal preference when selecting which one will best suit your project needs.