What Is the Cricut Fine Point Blade Used For?

The Cricut Fine Point Blade is a must-have tool for any crafter. This blade is designed to make precise cuts in paper, fabric, vinyl, and other thin materials.

It is the most popular blade used with Cricut machines and is ideal for making intricate designs and shapes.

The fine point blade is made from quality steel that ensures a sharp edge that lasts longer than other blades. It also has a redesigned housing to minimize friction and reduce heat build up when cutting. The blade features a 0.4mm tip that makes it perfect for cutting intricate details and small shapes with precision.

Using the Cricut fine point blade is easy and can be used to create beautiful crafts such as greeting cards, scrapbook pages, quilts, home d├ęcor items, bags, t-shirts, ornaments and more. With this blade you can make intricate cuts like circles, stars, hearts and other shapes with ease. It also cuts through materials like paper, vinyl, fabric, cardstock and other thin materials quickly.

The Cricut Fine Point Blade also comes in different sizes so it can be used for various projects – from small detailed projects to larger projects such as wall art or banners. It comes in packs of two or three blades so you always have an extra on hand when needed.


The Cricut Fine Point Blade is an essential tool for any crafter who wants to make precise cuts in paper, fabric, vinyl and other thin materials with ease. Its sharp edge ensures accuracy when making intricate designs and shapes for various projects such as greeting cards or wall art.