What Is the Best Sticker Paper for Silhouette?

Sticker paper can be a great way to add a personal touch to any project. Whether you’re creating custom stickers, labels, or other projects, having the right sticker paper is essential. When it comes to Silhouette machines, there are many different types of sticker paper available, making it important to know what type of paper is best for your project.

White Sticker Paper is the most common type of sticker paper used with Silhouette machines. It’s easy to use and prints well with most printer types.

White sticker paper is available in both glossy and matte finishes which can help give your project an extra bit of shine or an interesting texture. White sticker paper works best for designs that don’t have too much color variation as it tends to be a bit more opaque than other papers.

Transparent Sticker Paper is perfect for projects that need a bit more visibility and clarity than white sticker paper can provide. Transparent stickers are ideal for decals, window decorations, and anything else that needs to be seen through.

Transparent stickers are also great for layering multiple stickers together in order to create depth in the design. While transparent sticker paper isn’t as durable as white sticker paper, it can still look great when used properly.

Removable Sticker Paper is a great option if you want your stickers to be easily removable without leaving any residue behind. Removable stickers are perfect for temporary decorations such as on windows or walls during special occasions like birthdays or holidays. The downside of removable stickers is that they are not very durable so they won’t last very long if exposed to water or other elements.


The best type of sticker paper for Silhouette machines depends on the specific project you’re working on and the desired end result. White sticker paper is ideal for designs without too much color variation as it tends to be more opaque than other options while transparent and removable sticker papers are better suited for projects that require visibility and versatility respectively.