What Is the Best Home Design App for iPad Pro?

The iPad Pro is one of the most versatile devices out there, and it can be used for a variety of different tasks. Home design is one of those tasks, and there are plenty of apps available to help you create the perfect home. But which one is the best?

One of the best home design apps for iPad Pro is Home Design 3D by LiveCad. This app allows you to create 2D floor plans and then view them in 3D, giving you a better idea of how your space will look when complete.

You can also add furniture, wall colors, and textures to give your home a more personalized touch. The app also allows you to save your designs and share them with others.

Another great home design app for iPad Pro is Planner 5D. This app can help you create 3D models of your space with easy to use tools such as drag-and-drop furniture placement.

You can also customize your space with different colors, patterns, textures, and more. Once you’re happy with your design, you can easily export it as an image or a 3D model.

For those who want something a bit more advanced, Roomle is an excellent choice. This app allows you to build detailed 3D models in real time using augmented reality technology. It’s easy to use and provides detailed results that will give you an accurate representation of your home’s layout.


When it comes to finding the best home design app for iPad Pro, there are plenty of options available. Home Design 3D by LiveCad offers an intuitive way to create 2D floor plans in 3D while Planner 5D provides users with drag-and-drop tools for creating custom designs.

Roomle takes things up a notch with its augmented reality technology that allows users to build detailed 3D models in real time. No matter which option you choose, all three provide excellent results that will help make designing your dream home easier than ever.