What Is Site Analysis in Landscape Design Process?

Site analysis is a critical step in the landscape design process. It is used to understand how the site will look, how it will function, and how its design can be optimized. Site analysis can include anything from examining the soil composition, topography, climate, hydrology, and vegetation to evaluating existing structures and cultural features.

The first step in site analysis is to collect data about the site. This includes everything from aerial photographs and topographic maps to soil tests and survey reports.

By gathering this data, designers can get an accurate picture of what exists on the site. They can then analyze this information to determine what elements need to be included in the design.

Once the data has been collected, designers can begin to develop a vision for the site. This involves considering how the various elements of the landscape will interact with one another and what type of activities will take place on the site. Designers also need to consider how different seasons will affect the look of a space as well as any potential challenges that may arise.

Once a vision has been established, designers can begin making decisions about what materials should be used in order to create an aesthetically pleasing landscape that meets all of the needs of the site. This includes things like selecting native plants that are suited for the climate or choosing hardscape materials that complement existing structures on-site.

Finally, designers need to consider how they can best use their resources in order to maximize their project’s potential. This includes looking at ways they can reduce maintenance costs while still creating a beautiful landscape.


In conclusion, Site Analysis is an important part of any successful landscape design process. Through careful data collection and analysis, designers are able to develop an accurate picture of a space’s potential opportunities and challenges so that they can create a functional yet aesthetically pleasing landscape that meets all of their client’s needs.