What Is Similar to Hunter Douglas Silhouette?

Hunter Douglas Silhouette is a system of window treatments that combines the beauty and elegance of fabric with the convenience and utility of a horizontal blind. Unlike traditional horizontal blinds, Hunter Douglas Silhouette shades are built with two layers of sheer fabric that can be raised and lowered to provide various levels of light control. The shades also feature an optional fabric-covered headrail for additional style.

When it comes to finding a product similar to Hunter Douglas Silhouette, one option is the Levolor Luminette Privacy Sheers. Like Hunter Douglas Silhouette, the Levolor Luminette Privacy Sheers combine two layers of sheer fabric with horizontal blinds for light control and privacy. They also feature optional decorative fabric-covered headrails which are available in a variety of colors and styles.

Another comparable product to Hunter Douglas Silhouette is Bali Cellular Shades. Bali Cellular Shades are designed with two layers of soft cellular fabric that can be opened and closed like curtains, but also provide light control options like traditional blinds. Plus, they feature an optional elegant fabric-wrapped headrail that can be tailored to your decor.


Hunter Douglas Silhouette is a unique window treatment system that combines sheer fabrics with horizontal blinds for superior light control and style. If you’re looking for something similar, consider the Levolor Luminette Privacy Sheers or Bali Cellular Shades both of which offer two layers of sheer fabrics combined with horizontal slats for added privacy and light control – plus optional decorative fabric-covered headrails for extra style.