What Is Silhouette Kraft Blade Used For?

Silhouette Kraft Blade is a cutting tool designed for use with digital die-cutting machines such as the Silhouette Cameo and Portrait. It is the perfect tool for creating intricate designs on paper, cardstock, vellum, and other thin materials.

The blade is made of high-grade stainless steel with a fine razor edge for precision cutting. With its smooth and clean cuts, it’s ideal for making stencils and detailed designs.

The Silhouette Kraft Blade is designed to make precise cuts in thin materials like paper and cardstock up to 0.8mm thick. It has a deep curve that allows it to cut through multiple layers of material at once. This makes it an ideal tool for creating cards, scrapbooks, frames, invitations, and other craft projects that require detailed cutting.

The blade’s sharpness also makes it perfect for creating intricate designs like lace patterns, decorative borders, textured surfaces, and more. The blade can be adjusted to various depths depending on the type of material you are cutting and your desired effect.

Using the Silhouette Kraft Blade

To use the Silhouette Kraft Blade safely, always wear protective eyewear when handling the blade or using the machine. When inserting the blade into the machine, make sure that it is securely fastened before turning on the power.

To get accurate cuts with your Silhouette kraft blade:

  • Set your machine’s speed to match your material. If you’re using cardstock or vellum you may want to slow down your speed setting so that you don’t tear or damage your material.
  • Adjust the depth setting.

    This will determine how deep into your material the blade will go. Higher settings are ideal for thicker materials while lower settings should be used on thinner materials.

  • Test out different settings. Experimenting with different speeds and depth settings will help you get better results.


Conclusion: The Silhouette Kraft Blade is an essential tool for digital die-cutting enthusiasts who want to create intricate designs in their projects. Its precision cutting capabilities make it ideal for making stencils and other detailed projects in paper, cardstock, vellum and other thin materials up to 0. With its adjustable speed and depth settings you can easily customize each cut according to your project needs.