What Is Sign in Graphic Design?

Signs in graphic design are visual symbols or images used to convey a message or an idea. They can be used to identify a brand, product, event, or any other type of message.

Signs can be designed to evoke emotion and make a statement. They are often seen on billboards, flyers, posters, websites, and other forms of print and digital media.

Signs come in many different forms such as logos, symbols, illustrations, typography, photography, and even animated graphics. Logos are the most commonly used sign in graphic design and are often used to identify the company’s name or slogan.

Symbols are often used to represent an object or concept without using words. Illustrations are a way of visually communicating information without using words. Typography is the art of arranging type for visual communication.

Photography is another way of conveying messages through visuals. It can be used to create impactful visuals that communicate ideas without relying on text alone. Animated graphics provide an engaging platform for viewers that allow them to interact with the content in various ways.


Signs in graphic design are a powerful tool for communicating messages visually in a compelling way. They can be used to evoke emotion and draw attention to brands, products and events. Through logos, symbols, illustrations, typography, photography and animated graphics designers have a wide range of options available for creating signs that will effectively communicate their message and engage viewers.