What Is Product Design Steps?

Product design is a process of creating and developing new products that meet the needs and wants of customers. The steps involved in product design, however, can vary depending on the specific industry and product being developed. Generally speaking, the product design process consists of five key steps: discovery, ideation, prototyping, testing, and launch.


The discovery phase is the first step in the product design process. In this phase, teams evaluate customer needs and wants as they relate to the product they are developing.

This involves gathering as much data as possible about customer needs/desires and analyzing it to determine what might be possible with current technology. This information is then used to create an initial concept for the product.


The ideation phase is when teams begin to develop ideas for how the product might look and function. It involves brainstorming various solutions to the problem identified during discovery phase. This step typically includes sketching out various concepts for the product to help visualize how it could look and function.


The prototyping phase is when teams start to build a prototype of their proposed product solution. A prototype is a working model that allows teams to test out their ideas in a physical form before committing resources to production. Prototyping often involves using simple materials such as cardboard or wood to quickly create mockups of their proposed solution.


The testing phase is when teams evaluate their prototypes in order to identify any potential flaws or areas where improvement could be made. This can involve user testing where actual users are asked to use a prototype of the product and provide feedback on its usability or aesthetic appeal. It can also involve lab testing where machines are used to evaluate how well certain components work together.


The launch phase is when teams finally release their completed product into the market. At this point, marketing materials are created in order to promote the new product and help generate customer interest in it.

Conclusion: What Is Product Design Steps?

Product design steps consist of five key phases: discovery, ideation, prototyping, testing and launch. Each step helps teams develop new products that meet customer needs/wants while ensuring that they have been adequately tested before being released into the market.