What Is Product Design Major?

The Product Design Major is an interdisciplinary field of study that focuses on the development, creation, and production of physical objects. It is a combination of engineering, art, and business. Product Designers use their technical knowledge and creativity to create products that are both useful and aesthetically pleasing.

Product Designers are responsible for understanding their clients’ needs, researching available materials and technologies, creating prototypes, testing designs, and ultimately producing a final product. This process requires strong problem-solving skills and the ability to think holistically about the entire product life cycle. Product Designers need to be able to consider how their design will impact manufacturing costs as well as how it will be used by its intended audience.

In addition to technical knowledge and creativity, Product Design Majors must also have a thorough understanding of business principles in order to effectively market their products. They must be able to develop a brand identity for their product that resonates with potential customers. Product Designers must also have strong communication skills in order to collaborate with other designers and engineers throughout the product development process.

Product Design Majors must also be comfortable working within tight timelines in order to get their products out on time. They must also be able to take feedback from clients and other stakeholders in order to make improvements throughout the design process.

Overall, the Product Design Major is an exciting interdisciplinary field that combines creativity with business savvy in order to create innovative products that meet customer needs. With the right skillset and dedication, anyone can succeed as a Product Designer.


The Product Design Major is an interdisciplinary field of study that requires technical knowledge, creative problem solving skills, business savvy, communication abilities, and a willingness to take feedback in order for students to become successful professionals in this field.