What Is Product Design in Interior Design?

Product design in interior design is a process of creating and developing products such as furniture, accessories, and fixtures that are made specifically for use within interior spaces. It combines elements of design, engineering, and production to create products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Product designers must understand the function of each product, how it will be used in an interior space, and the materials needed to create it.

Product design in interior design involves the use of various techniques to ensure that a product meets the needs of its intended users. This includes understanding the purpose of a product, what materials are needed for its construction, how it interacts with other elements in an interior space, and how it should look and feel. Product designers must also consider ergonomics and safety when designing products for use in an interior space.

The goal of product design in interior design is to create products that are both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Product designers must consider the overall aesthetics of a space when selecting items that will be used within it.

They should also consider how a product will interact with other elements within an interior space such as lighting fixtures or wall decorations. Additionally, they must think about the materials needed to construct a product as well as its durability.

Product design in interior design requires both creativity and technical skill. Designers must be able to think outside the box when creating new products while still staying within their budget. They must also have a keen eye for detail as well as an understanding of construction methods and materials so they can select the most suitable ones for each project.


Product design in interior design is an important process that requires creativity, technical skill, budgeting considerations, and a keen eye for detail. It combines elements of engineering, production methods, aesthetics, safety considerations and ergonomics to create products specifically designed for use within an interior space.