What Is Product Design in Industry?

Product design in industry is the process of creating and designing products that are useful, desirable, and have a competitive advantage in the market. Product design is an important part of any successful business, as it helps to differentiate a product from competitors and create a unique identity for the company. It also helps to ensure that the product meets customer requirements and expectations.

Product design can involve a variety of processes, such as research and development, concept generation, prototyping, testing, production, packaging and launch. The process can be divided into two main stages: pre-production and production.

Pre-production includes research and development to identify customer needs and develop ideas for products that meet those needs. This may include market research or focus groups to understand customer preferences and trends.

During the concept generation stage of product design, ideas are generated by engineers or designers based on customer feedback or market trends. These concepts are then tested to ensure they meet all design criteria such as cost effectiveness, usability and safety requirements.

Prototypes are then created to further test how well the product works in the real world. Testing may include environmental tests such as temperature testing or simulated end-user tests such as user surveys or interviews with potential customers.

Production involves manufacturing the product using materials that meet all specified requirements such as safety regulations or cost constraints. Production also involves packaging the product for sale in stores or online platforms.

Finally, companies need to plan for launching their products in order to generate interest in their products among potential customers. This may include marketing strategies such as advertising campaigns on television or social media platforms.

Product design is an important part of any successful business because it helps to create products that have a competitive advantage over others on the market while meeting customer needs and expectations. Companies need to invest time into researching customers’ needs before creating concepts for their products if they want them to be successful on the market.


Product design is an essential part of any successful business because it helps companies create unique products with a competitive edge while meeting customer needs and expectations.