What Is Product Design Example?

Product design involves the creation of innovative products that are aesthetically pleasing and functionally efficient. It is the process of taking a concept or idea, researching it extensively, and then working to create a prototype and ultimately a finished product.

Product designers must take into account a variety of elements, including materials, design aesthetics, functionality, manufacturing processes, cost considerations, customer feedback and environmental sustainability.

Product design is an essential part of the product development process. It begins with an idea or concept that is then researched to determine its feasibility.

After this initial research stage, the product designer then works to create a prototype – either through physical mock-ups or computer-aided designs (CAD). This prototype can then be tested for usability and functionality before being approved for production.

The design process also involves considering various elements such as materials used, cost considerations, customer feedback and environmental sustainability. For example, if a product is being designed for use in a harsh environment such as extreme temperatures or water exposure, special attention must be given to the materials used in order to ensure the product will withstand its intended use.

Product design also involves making aesthetic decisions such as color selection and shape. In addition to providing an attractive product for customers, these decisions can also influence how easily users interact with it. For example, if buttons on a device are placed too close together or too far apart it can make it difficult to use properly.

What Is Product Design Example?

A good example of successful product design is Apple’s iPhone series. The iPhone was designed with both form and function in mind – creating an aesthetically pleasing device that was also extremely easy to use. Additionally, Apple focused on creating a device that was easy to upgrade by simply switching out components such as batteries and memory cards rather than having customers buy an entirely new phone every time they wanted more features.


Product design is an important part of the product development process that involves researching concepts or ideas extensively before creating prototypes and eventually finished products. Examples of successful products include Apple’s iPhone series which was designed with both form and function in mind while keeping usability and upgradability in mind.