What Is Product Design and Explain Its Need?

Product design is a process of designing and developing products that are intended to be used in the market. It involves the creation of physical goods, such as furniture, toys, machines, appliances, and other items.

It also encompasses the development of intangible products, such as software or services. In either case, product design involves the concept development and engineering of a product from its early stages to its finished form.

Product design is an essential part of any successful product launch. It provides companies with an opportunity to identify customer needs and develop products that meet those needs. Through product design, companies can create products that are more attractive to their Target customers and increase their chances of success in the marketplace.

Product design requires knowledge of basic principles such as ergonomics, usability, aesthetics, human factors engineering, industrial design, materials engineering, manufacturing processes and production systems. Companies must also consider factors such as cost-effectiveness and sustainability when developing new products.

Good product design is critical for any business as it can help differentiate them from competitors by creating unique and attractive products that are tailored for specific customer requirements. Well-designed products can also help businesses increase their sales by providing a better user experience compared to other similar products on the market.


Product design is a crucial process for any business launching a new product. It takes into account both customer needs and industry best practices in order to create a unique product tailored for specific customer requirements. Good product design improves user experience which increases sales potential for businesses in competitive markets.