What Is Postmodern Graphic Design?

Postmodern graphic design is an artistic style that has evolved out of traditional graphic design. It blends influences from a range of disciplines, including typography, photography and illustration.

Postmodern graphic design is characterized by a playful approach to composition, often featuring elements from popular culture and nostalgia. It has a strong emphasis on experimentation and creativity, rather than following set rules or formulas.

Postmodern design often involves the use of bold colors, dynamic shapes and abstract forms. Designers may also incorporate elements from pop culture such as comic books, video games and television shows.

Postmodern graphic design also often includes the use of unexpected materials, such as found objects or recycled materials. The work is often witty and humorous, often featuring references to past eras or cultural trends.

The key features of postmodern graphic design are:

  • Playful compositions: Postmodern graphic designers explore different ways of combining imagery and text to create unique compositions.
  • Bold Colors: Vibrant colors are often used to draw attention to certain elements in a composition.
  • Pop Culture References: Designers may incorporate popular culture references into their work in order to add an element of humor or nostalgia.
  • Unexpected Materials: Designers may use materials that are not typically associated with graphic design in order to create unexpected results.

Postmodern graphic design is about exploration and experimentation. Designers strive to push boundaries by challenging conventions and creating work that stands out from the crowd. By embracing playfulness and incorporating elements from popular culture, postmodern designers create works that are visually striking yet emotionally engaging.


Postmodern Graphic Design is an artistic style that emphasizes experimentation, creativity and playfulness while incorporating elements from popular culture into compositions. It is characterized by bold colors, dynamic shapes, abstract forms and unexpected materials which help create visually striking yet emotionally engaging works of art.