What Is Pattern Graphic Design?

Pattern graphic design is an art form that combines elements of graphic design and illustration to create images with a repeated pattern. It’s used to add visual interest to a wide range of products, from textiles and household items to packaging and publications. Pattern graphic design can be used to create interesting patterns for clothing, wallpaper, posters and other printed materials, as well as for websites and mobile apps.

Patterns are created by repeating shapes, lines or colors that are arranged in a symmetrical or asymmetrical manner. A designer will often start with a simple shape or color palette that they repeat in different ways. This allows them to create intricate and eye-catching designs without having to rely on elaborate illustrations or photographs. Patterns can be used to make a bold statement or create a subtle background, depending on the desired effect.

Patterns can be abstract or representational, depending on the project.

Representational patterns may include flowers, waves or other recognizable elements while abstract patterns may feature geometric shapes such as squares, circles or triangles. Pattern designers often combine these two styles together for an interesting effect.

When creating a pattern graphic design, it’s important for the designer to consider how the pattern will look when it is printed out. The colors chosen should work well together and not clash when printed in large quantities. The size of the pattern should also be taken into account; too small and it may not be visible enough while too large could overwhelm the rest of the design.

It’s also important for designers to think about how their pattern will look when seen from afar as well as up close. This ensures that the pattern looks good both in print and online.

Pattern graphic design is an art form that allows designers to express their creativity through color, shape and texture. By combining elements of graphic design with illustration techniques, designers are able to create unique visuals that have an impact on viewers.


In conclusion, Pattern Graphic Design is an art form which combines elements of graphic design with illustration techniques to create images with repeated patterns which can be used in various products from apparel and home décor items to websites and mobile apps. It involves choosing colors that work well together along with sizes of patterns which fit within the overall design concept.