What Is MFA Graphic Design?

MFA Graphic Design is a three-year professional degree program that combines studio practice, theory, and research. It is designed to prepare students for the rapidly changing landscape of graphic design and communications. The goal of the program is to help students develop a critical approach to design that combines critical thinking, creative problem solving, and an understanding of the aesthetic potential of visual communication.

The curriculum at most MFA Graphic Design programs focuses on the creative process and encourages experimentation with form, content, media, techniques and technology. The core courses provide a strong foundation in typography, color theory, composition and layout. Students also explore advanced topics such as interactive design, motion graphics, web design and branding.

In addition to the core courses, many MFA Graphic Design programs offer electives in areas such as illustration, photography or art direction. Students may also choose to specialize in areas like user experience design or motion graphics. Some programs also provide opportunities for internships or independent study projects.

In addition to developing their technical skills in graphic design theory and practice, students in MFA Graphic Design programs learn about professional practices such as project management and client relations. They also gain an understanding of how graphic design fits into larger cultural contexts.


MFA Graphic Design is an advanced degree program that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of graphic design principles while also teaching them how to apply their knowledge in professional settings. Through courses in typography, color theory, composition and layout as well as electives in areas such as illustration or user experience design; students gain the skills needed to become successful professionals.