What Is Masters in Industrial Design?

Masters in Industrial Design is a graduate degree program that focuses on the development of innovative, user-oriented products and services. It combines aspects of design, engineering, and business to create solutions that meet the needs of businesses and consumers.

Students learn how to research consumer preferences and trends, create prototypes, and develop efficient production processes. They also explore the ethical implications of product design and sustainability.

The curriculum for Masters in Industrial Design typically includes courses on topics such as product design principles, materials science, manufacturing methods, ergonomics, industrial engineering fundamentals, management concepts, marketing theory and practice, consumer behavior analysis. Students also gain experience in computer-aided design (CAD) software applications. This gives them the ability to create 3D models for prototyping purposes.

In addition to classroom instruction and hands-on experience with CAD software, Masters in Industrial Design students complete projects related to their area of specialization. These projects typically involve developing solutions for a given problem or designing a new product from concept to completion. This allows students to gain practical experience in all aspects of industrial design while applying what they have learned through their coursework.

Masters in Industrial Design graduates are equipped with the skills needed to pursue careers such as product designers or engineers, industrial designers or consultants working with companies on product development or process improvement initiatives. Many graduates also go on to become entrepreneurs who use their knowledge and skills to start their own businesses.


Masters in Industrial Design is an advanced degree program which equips graduates with the essential knowledge and skills required for success in product design roles as well as other areas within the industry. With an emphasis on innovation and user-oriented solutions, this degree provides valuable insights into how products are created from concept stage through manufacturing process.