What Is Line Landscape Design?

What Is Line Landscape Design?

Line landscape design is an art form that uses the natural elements of a landscape to create visually pleasing designs. It relies on the use of lines, shapes, and other forms to create a unified and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Line landscape design often incorporates features such as pathways, walls, benches, and trees, among others. It also usually includes elements of light and shadow, color, texture, and materials to create a harmonious space for people to enjoy.

Line landscape design is often used in residential areas to create outdoor spaces that are both attractive and functional. This type of design takes into account the needs of a particular area or climate in order to create an outdoor space that is both comfortable and inviting. Paths can be created using hardscaping elements like cobblestone or brick pavers to provide safe passage through a garden or lawn.

Walls can be used to provide privacy while adding character to an outdoor space. Benches made of wood or stone can provide comfortable seating areas for visitors or residents. Trees can also be used as part of line landscaping design for shade during the warmer months and for adding height and texture to the overall composition.

Lighting is another important element in line landscape design. The use of spotlights or uplights can add depth and drama to an area while providing safety at night.

The use of color in line landscaping design can add vibrancy and life to an area by using bright colors such as reds, oranges, yellows, blues, purples, etc., which can attract birds and other wildlife into an area. Texture is also important when considering line landscape design; by using different materials such as stones or mulch, it’s possible to create interesting patterns that draw the eye when viewed from different angles.

Line landscape design should be tailored specifically for each individual setting depending on its size and purpose; it’s important not only to consider how it will look but also how it will function in its environment. By combining elements such as pathways, walls, benches, trees with lighting effects and textural materials line landscaping can become a beautiful work of art that adds value both visually and functionally for years to come.


Line landscaping is an art form that uses lines, shapes, light/shadow effects, color schemes & textural materials to bring out beauty & functionality from any outdoor space – residential or commercial alike! It’s essential for anyone wanting their outdoor area looking great & functioning well for years ahead!