What Is League of Legends Louis Vuitton?

League of Legends (LoL) is a popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that has been played by millions of gamers around the world. Recently, Louis Vuitton (LV), the French luxury fashion house, collaborated with LoL to create a range of exclusive items and skins for the game. This collaboration came as a surprise to many, but it has been received with great excitement from the gaming community.

What Is League of Legends Louis Vuitton?

LoL LV is a collaboration between two giants in their respective industries – the fashion industry and the gaming industry. The collaboration was announced during the 2019 World Championship Finals, where LV unveiled its new line of prestige skins for champion Qiyana. The skin features unique animation and sound effects that make it stand out from other skins in the game.

The Details

The LV x LoL collection includes nine unique items that were designed by Nicolas Ghesquière, LV’s creative director. The collection includes in-game items such as prestige skins for champions Qiyana and Senna, as well as accessories like a luxury leather case for players’ smartphones.

What Do Players Get?

Players who purchase any item from the LV x LoL collection will receive an exclusive summoner icon and an emote featuring Qiyana sporting her LV Prestige Skin. Additionally, players who purchase both prestige skins will receive an additional emote featuring Senna.

The Cost

As expected, these exclusive items come at a steep price. The Qiyana Prestige Skin costs 2,000 tokens, which equates to around $100 USD.

The Senna Prestige Skin costs 2,200 tokens or $120 USD. The leather phone case is priced at $875 USD.

Why Is This Collaboration Important?

This collaboration between LV and LoL is significant because it serves as a bridge between two industries that are seemingly unrelated. It also shows the increasing value of esports and how mainstream brands are starting to take notice. Furthermore, this collaboration adds a level of prestige and exclusivity to the game that was previously unavailable.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the LV x LoL collaboration is a significant milestone for both industries. It has created a buzz in the gaming community, and it will undoubtedly attract new players to the game.

While some may criticize the high prices of these exclusive items, others see it as an opportunity to own something unique and special. Regardless of your opinion, it’s clear that this collaboration is one for the books.