What Is Landscape Design Build?

Landscape design build is a process that involves the planning, designing and construction of outdoor spaces. It is a multi-disciplinary approach that combines the skills of landscape architects, engineers, contractors and other professionals to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional environment. The goal is to create an outdoor space that meets the needs of the client while also being environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Planning: At the beginning of the landscape design build process, a comprehensive plan is developed for the project. This includes an analysis of the site’s existing conditions, assessment of any potential environmental impacts, identification of desired outcomes and selection of appropriate materials. The plan will also outline the scope of work, budget and timeline for completion.

Design: Once a plan has been established, it is time to begin developing the design. This process involves creating drawings and selecting materials that will be used in construction.

Landscape architects will research local plants, trees, shrubs and other vegetation to choose those that are best suited for the project’s specific needs. They will also consider drainage and irrigation requirements as well as soil types when selecting plants.

Construction: After all designs are approved by both client and contractors, construction begins. The landscape design build team will use both traditional methods such as grading, paving and planting as well as modern techniques such as hydroseeding or hardscaping to create an outdoor space that meets all requirements and expectations.

Conclusion: Landscape design build is a comprehensive process that involves planning, designing and constructing outdoor spaces in order to meet client needs while creating an aesthetically pleasing environment that is also sustainable. It requires knowledge from multiple disciplines such as architecture, engineering and construction in order to successfully complete projects with beautiful results.