What Is Kraft Cut on Silhouette?

Kraft cut on Silhouette is a paper cutting technique used to create intricate designs and shapes. It is achieved by cutting paper with a Silhouette cutting machine, which uses a special blade to accurately cut out the desired shape. The technique is used in many creative crafts and projects such as scrapbooking, card making, and paper crafting.

The Silhouette machine has several features that make it well-suited for kraft cutting. It is equipped with a high-end cutting blade that produces precise cuts with no tearing or fraying of the paper.

It also features adjustable speed settings, allowing for detailed cuts as well as faster ones for larger projects. Additionally, it has a platform that can hold up to 12” x 12” of material, allowing you to make large-scale projects without needing to use multiple machines.

Kraft cut on Silhouette is relatively simple to do and requires minimal setup or materials. You will need the Silhouette machine, paper of your choice (recommended thickness should be between 0.01” and 0.05”), and the design template you would like to cut out. Once these are gathered, the process involves simply uploading your design onto the machine, setting the speed and pressure settings for the project, then pressing start.

The results of kraft cut on Silhouette can be beautiful works of art that can be used in various ways – from scrapbooking to card making – depending on what you choose to create with them. Whether it’s a detailed design or something more abstract, you are sure to be pleased with your end product.


Kraft cut on Silhouette is an easy and enjoyable way to create beautiful designs out of paper using a reliable Silhouette cutting machine. With its adjustable speed settings, high-end blade performance, and large platform size options, it allows you to make intricate designs quickly and easily.