What Is Kith Versace?

Kith Versace is a collaboration between the New York-based streetwear brand, Kith, and the Italian luxury fashion house, Versace. The collection was first introduced in February 2019 during New York Fashion Week.

The Collaboration:

The Kith Versace collaboration features a range of apparel and accessories that blend the distinct styles of both brands. The collection includes tracksuits, hoodies, t-shirts, jackets, shorts, and hats. The designs feature bold prints and patterns that are characteristic of Versace’s aesthetic and are infused with Kith’s signature streetwear style.

The Inspiration:

The inspiration behind the collaboration comes from the nostalgia of ’90s fashion and hip-hop culture. The designs pay homage to the ’90s era when both brands were at their peak. This is evident in the use of bold prints and colors that were popular during that time.

The Collection:

The Kith Versace collection features several standout pieces that have become fan favorites. One of the most popular pieces is the Medusa tracksuit which features a striking print of Versace’s iconic Medusa head logo. Another highlight is the Chain Reaction sneaker which was designed exclusively for this collaboration.

The Medusa Tracksuit:

The Medusa tracksuit comes in two colorways – black/gold and red/gold. It features an all-over print of Versace’s Medusa head logo in gold on either black or red fabric. The tracksuit is made from high-quality materials and has a comfortable fit.

The Chain Reaction Sneaker:

The Chain Reaction sneaker was designed exclusively for this collaboration. It features a chunky sole with oversized branding on the side panel. The upper is made from a combination of mesh, leather, and suede materials with additional details like reflective accents and metallic hardware.

  • Mesh, leather, and suede upper
  • Chunky sole
  • Oversized branding on the side panel
  • Reflective accents and metallic hardware


Overall, the Kith Versace collaboration is a perfect blend of high-end luxury fashion and streetwear. The collection features unique designs that pay homage to both brands’ heritage while incorporating new elements that make it stand out in today’s fashion landscape. Whether you’re a fan of Versace or Kith, this collaboration is definitely worth checking out.