What Is Industrial Design Major?

Industrial design major is a specialized program of study that focuses on the development and production of products, services and systems. It involves the application of creative, technical and business skills to develop innovative designs, improve existing products and create new ones. The industrial design major is an interdisciplinary program that requires students to be proficient in both engineering and design theory.

Industrial design majors learn about the fundamentals of product design, such as sketching, modeling, prototyping, manufacturing processes and materials. Students also gain knowledge about the use of computer-aided design (CAD) software for creating 3D models. In addition, they learn about ergonomics and how to create products that are user-friendly.

The industrial design major also focuses on developing problem-solving skills that are essential for creating effective solutions to complex problems. Students develop an understanding of how to collaborate with other professionals in order to create optimized designs that meet customer needs while being cost effective. In addition, they learn how to effectively market their products and services in order to increase their competitive advantage.

The industrial design major also provides students with a well-rounded education in areas such as marketing, business management, finance and law. This knowledge is essential for any designer who wishes to progress in their career or embark on a business venture of their own.


Industrial Design Major is an interdisciplinary program that prepares students for successful careers in product development by teaching them about sketching, modeling, prototyping manufacturing processes and materials as well as providing them with knowledge about CAD software and problem-solving skills such as collaboration with other professionals. Additionally, students gain a well-rounded education in marketing, business management, finance and law which provides them with the necessary tools for success in their future endeavors.