What Is Industrial Concept in Interior Design?

Industrial concept in interior design is a style of decorating that utilizes raw materials and industrial elements such as exposed brick walls, pipes, steel beams, and metal accents. It is a popular choice for those looking to create a modern and sophisticated look.

The industrial concept is meant to evoke a sense of industrial strength and power, while still maintaining an aesthetic appeal.

The main focus of this style is to bring in natural elements such as wood, brick, metal and concrete. Exposed brick walls are a hallmark of this concept; they give the space an industrial feel while also adding texture and warmth to the room.

Pipes, steel beams and other structural details can be used to create an industrial-style ceiling or wall feature. Metal accents such as door handles or light fixtures can also be used for added contrast against the natural materials.

Industrial concept décor often incorporates reclaimed materials for furniture pieces. Reclaimed wood tables or chairs add a unique touch to any room.

Reclaimed metals can also be incorporated into furniture designs such as coffee tables or shelving units. Industrial-style lighting fixtures are often made from distressed metals such as copper or brass.

The color palette used in industrial design is typically muted shades of gray, black and white with occasional pops of bright colors such as yellows or reds. This allows for the natural elements to stand out without overwhelming the room with too much color. Textured fabrics like wool or burlap can be used in combination with leather upholstery pieces to create a rustic feel.

Conclusion: Industrial concept in interior design creates an edgy yet inviting atmosphere using raw materials like wood, metal and concrete combined with muted colors like grey, black and white. This style appeals to those who appreciate modern sophistication but still enjoy adding unique touches throughout their home décor with reclaimed materials and textured fabrics.