What Is Hermes Symbol of Power?

Hermes, the Greek god of commerce, thieves, travelers, and athletes, is known for his winged sandals and hat. But what is the symbol of power associated with this god? Let’s take a closer look.

The Caduceus

The most well-known symbol associated with Hermes is the caduceus. This is a staff or wand with two serpents entwined around it and wings at the top. The caduceus is often mistakenly used as a symbol of medicine in modern times, but it actually has its roots in ancient Greek mythology.

Mythological Origins

According to legend, Hermes came across two fighting snakes one day and used his wand to separate them. As a result of this act of kindness, the snakes began to coil themselves around the wand in a peaceful manner. This event became known as the Caduceus Miracle and was seen as a sign of Hermes’ power over all things.

The caduceus became symbolic of Hermes’ role as a messenger between gods and mortals. It was believed that he could use his wand to open doors between worlds and guide souls to their final resting place.

Modern Usage

Today, the caduceus is often used as a symbol in the medical industry due to its association with healing. However, this usage is actually incorrect as it has no direct connection to medicine in ancient Greek mythology. The correct symbol for medicine would be the Rod of Asclepius which features only one serpent wrapped around a staff.

In addition to its medical misusage, the caduceus has also been adopted by various organizations such as banks and commercial enterprises as a symbol representing commerce and trade.

In Conclusion

While many people may recognize Hermes by his distinctive winged sandals or hat, his true symbol of power lies in the caduceus. This staff represents his role as a messenger between gods and mortals and is a sign of his power over all things. Despite its modern misusage as a symbol of medicine, the caduceus remains an integral part of ancient Greek mythology and the legacy of Hermes.