What Is Hermes Plan DanMachi?

Hermes Plan DanMachi – Understanding the Intricacies of This Plot

If you’re a fan of the anime series ‘Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?’ (DanMachi), then you must have heard about Hermes Plan.

It’s an important plot point that has been mentioned several times in the series. But what exactly is Hermes Plan, and why is it so crucial to the story? Let’s take a closer look.

Who is Hermes?

Before we dive into Hermes Plan, let’s first understand who Hermes is. In Greek mythology, Hermes is the messenger of gods and is known for his speed and cunning nature. In DanMachi, he is one of the gods who presides over Orario, the city where most of the story takes place.

What is Hermes Plan?

Hermes Plan refers to a scheme devised by Hermes to create chaos in Orario for his entertainment. He believes that by creating chaos and confusion among adventurers, he can make their journeys more exciting and interesting.

To achieve this goal, he recruits several adventurers and manipulates them into fighting each other. He also creates monsters and sends them into the dungeon to cause havoc. Moreover, he even goes as far as manipulating events outside of Orario such as inciting wars between different kingdoms.

Why is it important?

Hermes Plan plays a significant role in shaping the events of DanMachi. Several plot points such as Bell Cranel’s encounter with Hestia Familia and his subsequent growth as an adventurer are a direct result of Hermes Plan.

Moreover, it also sets up some major conflicts that will be explored in later seasons. The repercussions of Hermes Plan are far-reaching and will continue to affect the story in significant ways.

The Consequences

However, like any plan that involves manipulation and deceit, there are consequences to Hermes Plan. As the story progresses, it becomes clear that Hermes Plan has caused a lot of pain and suffering for the people of Orario. Moreover, it creates a rift between the gods and puts their relationships in jeopardy.

Ultimately, Hermes Plan is a reminder that actions have consequences. It also highlights the dangers of playing with people’s lives for personal gain.


Hermes Plan is a complex plot point in DanMachi that showcases the cunning nature of Hermes. It also highlights the intricate relationships between gods and adventurers and how they are affected by such schemes.

While it adds an exciting element to the story, it also has dire consequences that affect all those involved. As we wait for more seasons of DanMachi to unfold, we can only wonder how this scheme will shape the future events of Orario.