What Is Food Product Design?

Food product design is the process of creating new food products from concept to completion. It involves a variety of steps that involve research, concept development, testing, packaging, and marketing. The goal of food product design is to create products that are appealing, safe to consume, and provide nutritional value.

Research: Before beginning the design process, it is essential to do research on the food product. This includes researching current trends in food consumption as well as competitor products.

Researching current nutrition trends can help designers create a product that meets consumer needs and preferences. Research should also be done on the materials and ingredients needed for the product in order to ensure it meets all safety regulations.

Concept Development: After researching potential concepts for the product, it is necessary to develop a concept that meets both consumer needs and production requirements. This includes developing a flavor profile, consistency, texture, packaging style, and other factors. Concept development should also include testing different versions of the product in order to determine which version will be most successful.

Testing: Once a concept has been developed for the food product, it must be tested before it can be released to consumers. This testing should include sensory testing (taste tests) as well as nutritional testing (to ensure that the product meets all regulatory requirements). Testing should also include shelf-life tests in order to determine how long the product will remain fresh when stored at various temperatures.

Packaging: After testing has been completed and approved, it is time to develop packaging for the food product. Packaging must not only be visually appealing but also protect against contamination and spoilage during transportation and storage. Packaging must also meet all regulatory requirements including labeling laws.

Marketing: The final step of food product design is marketing. This involves creating an effective marketing strategy for introducing the new product into the market place as well as maintaining its presence once it has been launched.


Food Product Design is an intricate process that requires research, concept development ,testing ,packaging ,and marketing strategies in order to create successful products that meet consumer needs while providing nutritional value through safe ingredients. With proper planning and execution Food Product Design can create delicious new options for consumers around the world.