What Is Country Chic Home Design?

Country chic home design is a style of decor that emphasizes rural, rustic, and natural elements. It’s also referred to as shabby chic, because it often features distressed furniture and repurposed items.

The look is casual, cozy, and inviting. Additionally, it has a slight feminine or romantic feel to it.

Key Elements

Country chic home design relies on a few key elements to create the look. Natural materials like wood, stone, and jute are important components of the style. Furniture that is distressed or antique-looking helps to create a sense of age and charm as well.

Soft colors like whites, pastels, and grays are often used in combination with bright pops of color for a unique look. Floral prints are common in fabrics as well as wallpaper designs. Finally, accessories like vintage-inspired lamps, baskets, mirrors, and wall art help to complete the look.

Room by Room

In the living room of a country chic home design scheme, comfortable seating with lots of pillows in muted colors can be combined with distressed wood furniture for an inviting space. A light-colored area rug adds warmth while white walls provide a crisp backdrop for the decor elements. For a more romantic feel opt for floral accents on chairs and window treatments along with antique-style lamps on side tables for soft lighting in the evening hours.

The bedroom should have an overall tranquil feeling with muted colors such as pale green or blue paired with white accents to keep the room light and airy. A four-poster bed can be dressed up with sheer curtains or gauzy fabric draped around each post for an added touch of romance while natural materials like jute rugs help bring in texture underfoot Accessories such as vintage vases filled with fresh flowers can add soft touches throughout the space without taking away from its overall relaxed feel.

In the kitchen of a country chic home design scheme try incorporating rustic elements such as exposed brick walls or salvaged wood cabinets that are painted in light hues like cream or gray for an aged look that still feels modern. Reclaimed wood countertops add character while pendant lighting adds a touch of industrial edge to keep things interesting.


Country chic home design is all about creating an inviting atmosphere through natural materials such as wood and stone combined with comfortable furniture pieces in muted colors along with bright pops of color for contrast. Floral prints can be used throughout for an added sense of romance while accessories such as vintage vases filled with fresh flowers complete this cozy yet stylish look.