What Is Choke in Graphic Design?

Choke in graphic design is a way of creating a tighter or lighter area around text or objects in an image. It does this by using a black or white outline that is slightly larger than the object itself.

This technique is sometimes used to emphasize the important elements of an image, like text titles, logos, or other important details. It can also be used to create contrast between elements in an image, allowing them to stand out more.

Choke can be achieved through various methods depending on the application being used and the desired effect. In Photoshop for example, you can use the ‘stroke’ command to create a solid outline around any object or text layer. In Illustrator you can use the ‘offset path’ command which will create a duplicate shape at a certain distance from the original shape.

When designing with choke in mind it’s important to keep an eye on alignment and spacing between objects. If there are too many elements competing for attention it can quickly become overwhelming and lose its effectiveness.

When using choke make sure that it’s not too thick as this will make it look unnatural. A good rule of thumb is to keep it around 1-2 pixels thick but this can vary depending on your design.


Choke in graphic design is a great way of creating emphasis and contrast in an image. With some practice and an eye for detail you can use choke effectively in your designs and make them stand out from the crowd!